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  • Call Manager issues with Server 2008

    I have a new install in progress in which we installed ST9.1 on Server 2008. We're having an issue with Operator and Professional Call Manager users not being able to copy contacts from the Directory window to the Contacts window. When we do a drag and drop or copy and paste the contacts show up for a few seconds and then we get a "Server Not Available" pop-up from the PCM icon. The contacts we copied then disappear from the Contacts window, and we get the "Server Available" popup. The server event log shows the same two errors everytime we try to copy contacts (see attached). Any ideas?
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    I'm having the exact same problem, curious if/how you resolved the issue?


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      9.1 contact error

      If you are on build 4905 upgrade to the latest version of 9.1 and it will fix your problem


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        Thanks, i will try that this week.