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  • RANT: Integrated Voice and Data Circuits....ARGH!!!

    Why do carrier sales people not understand when I say that their Flex/Smartvoice/Integrated VAD or whatever they call it will break originating caller ID and Least Cost Routing on Shoretel? They either don't understand or they argue with me as to why a customer would need that...uh okay? Qwest, XO, & Telepacific are the ones I've had to deal with recently. Is anyone else pushing these types of services?

    I know there are work arounds for this by adding custom dial plans, but when sales tells a customer about a feature and then I go in and tell them they can't use it...

    Supposedly Tpac has done an upgrade to their SmartVoice SIP product with "Exceptions", I'm skeptical. :glare:

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    Wow, am I the only one who has had to deal with these products? I've got a new one, Verizon IPIA (IP Integrated Access), that I'll be installing next month. They say there is no issue with outgoing Caller ID...I hope they're right.


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      have you found a solution for this? right now i'm dealing with a customer who wants a caller to be able to press 1 and be transferred to an outside number but they have telepacific and the shoretel is passing through the caller id and it won't let the call go through. have you been able to solve this?


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        Like Dr Klahn said, there are some custom dial strings for this..
        Specifically, shoretel has published one that allows you to say: If the caller ID isn't a number from this range... List of DID's here... Then apply this caller ID...

        I have used it a few times to deal with these telco services.
        I got the data from KB12996


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          UPDATE: So the Verizon circuit didn't work (big surprise) like they said. We had to mask all outbound caller ID through maintenance portal, other wise all trunk to trunk calls failed.

          Just installed a new one from Cox Communications which they called a "PRI over HFC" (HFC=Hybrid Fiber Coax). Just another VoIP circuit that does not allow for the Caller ID field to be manipulated.

          I figure that this is going to be a growing trend since the cost of these circuits is significantly lower than a traditional PRI. Since that is the case, here are the steps for configuring a single DID for all outbound calls over a specified trunk:

          1. Log into Shoreware Director Maintenance menu (Ctl + Shift + click on 'U' in User ID)
          2. Navigate to Trunks > Trunk Groups and select the Trunk Group you wish to modify
          3. Under 'Trunk Group Dialing Rules:', click on 'Edit' next to the Custom: option
          4. Enter in the following string and Save: ;18E<E'+MX.>+3105551234x.%999G<E'+31055512xx>X.%99 9G

          Replace '3105551234' with a DID provided by Carrier, preferably the main published number or the BTN

          Replace '31055512xx' with beginning fixed numbers of you DID range. In this example, the DID range would be (310) 555-1200 through 1299, the last two digits were replaced with xx.


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            Yup, sucks.

            Thanks for the info on how to over-ride the caller ID. Useful for those cases in which the carrier can't do the CID as you discuss. I share you frustration with this feature drawback, although this is one of the many things that drive me crazy about network carriers. :stupid:

            As a side note: this problem seems to happen LESS with SIP trunks (which have their own set of cataclysmic issues besides this). Specifically and AT&T IP Flex work fine. Speaking with Paetec, they also say this is supported (According to 3 engineers), although I will find out for sure in a few weeks...


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              mattvpsn. How did it go with Paetec? I have Paetec for PRI circuits and XO for MPLS currently. Would love to reduce communications expenses.


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                Blocked Caller ID breaks it

                So it turns out the custom dial plan mentioned earlier (that we have been using since we got installed more than a year ago) doesn't work when the inbound call has blocked caller id. The dial plan doesn't seem to think it needs to do anything special when it doesn't actually have a caller id in the first place, and any external assignment calls get dropped by the carrier.

                Anybody out there have any experience with this, and would have any suggestions?


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                  We have just installed a Verizon integrated circuit with an Adtran 908E. You actually CAN get the circuit to do what you want, but it's apparently a limitation with the Adtran.

                  To get around it, you need to procure two Cisco routers in place of the Adran, at a cost of about $11,500 plus installation. Ouch!


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                    ShoreTel is preparing to beta test a feature that could potentially resolve this issue. If you or your customer are interested in being a possible beta tester, please PM me and I will pass your name to the appropriate people at ShoreTel.


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                      We just installed a Paetec's Dynamic IP SIP Trunk...and it actually works! :w00t:

                      We cut over 3 sites onto the Paetec MPLS with SIP trunking that terminates to an Adtran 908e as PRI. There's an option for internet access off the same circuit, but Paetec requires that they install their own managed F/ thanks.

                      Here's the kicker, all the ShoreTel features that we normally complain about not working on these types of trunking (ie. Find Me, Office Anywhere, Trunk-to-trunk transfers, etc.) didn't work at first. Needless to say, we were angry and ready to rip it out...
                      After some back and forth with their engineers, we finally got someone who had the solution and even told us what the problem was.
                      Apparently, our service was on a Broadworks platform (which I think most carriers are), in order for our features to work, they had to move all 3 sites to an upgraded Genband G9 (GENBAND - G9 Converged Gateway). Wel...they switched our service over to the newer platform and...holy @%#$ it worked!

                      I don't know much about carrier's and their softswitching, all I know is I've been dealing with these types of circuits for almost 4 years and Paetec finally figured out how to get one to work.