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  • Licensing Question

    Hi Everyone,

    I have a question regarding licensing and hardware for a ShoreTel system. I've seen a system that was purchased as a demo system listed on eBay. I have ShoreTel hardware already and I'm not becoming a ShoreTel dealer, but I could have use for some of the hardware. I realize that ShoreTel most likely would not support the hardware under any type of support contract, but other than that, does anyone know if it would be against licensing to take parts of that system and use it as part of my ShoreTel system? Obviously I would need to make sure licensing requirements, etc. were met, but I wasn't sure if demo systems had any special notes that came with them that said the hardware could ONLY be used for demo purposes and that it would be illegal to actually take a handset or switch and use it in our production environment.

    Thanks for any assistance anyone can provide.