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  • VPN Concentrator - Linksys

    I am having trouble using the VPN Concentrator with phone behind a Linksys WRT54GL home router w/Tomato Firmware. The SSL tunnel connects, and the Concentrator shows an active session, but the phone cannot reach the FTP server or be pinged. I have used this same phone with other home routers with no issues. Any ideas?

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    Have you put the phone in the DMZ? Unhappily, I've had to DMZ each our 3 VPN phones. This gets me MGC, FTP, etc.
    Two of us have ATT internet service with 2-Wire routers. This had worked well until I upgraded to faster service, but now it's working sporadically. The 3rd phone was able to connect via a client site(consulting work) network and work without issue.
    At this time, all 3 VPN phones have stopped giving proper response. I can get successful connection, and sometimes make 1 or 2 calls.
    This is a question, not a slam...Does Shoretel know what a VPN is? My ST dealer seems to think this is expected behavior. My opinion is that I don't need a VPN phone if I'm going to have to DMZ it.


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      Hey you might want to try port forwarding those ports to the IP of your Shoretel phone. Should work then.