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  • Transfer calls over pots lines

    1) Is it possible to transfer calls (incoming) and extension calls over pots to remote site?

    2)They don't have a WAN connection, but if they both have an internet connection, could we setup a VPN connection between them both and tranfer ext to ext and incoming calls between both.

    Thanks for any help you can give

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    We have done it both ways. We have a Nationwide agent that wants his phone set to xfer to his cell some of the time. We have a non-profit that the director wants to send the calls to where ever she may be. It is set up in PCM to forward to XXXXXX.
    We have an attorney that is set up with a VPN to his residence. Need more help, sent a PM and I'll have my tech give you a call.


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      Therei s really no clean way to do what you want to do.

      1) You could build the users in both system and have the calls routed over to the other site using Call handling. The licensing cost would kill you and if you don't have DID at each site the calls would have to be double transfered.

      2) setup a VPN and route the calles over the internet. We all know the calls are going to be best effert. Sometimes it work great some times not.

      3) Setup a SIP tie line, over the internet or VPN connection. This might be usefull if you want to treat the systems as seperate and just use the tie lie for transfer.
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        Your saying create identical users at both sites and have receptionist transfer call to house extension for that person and from there the extension forward the call to the actual site the person is.


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          I missed something? Are there two Shoretel switches involved here?


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            Yes, so you could build the same users a each site with modes set to transfer external.