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  • DR opinions, and redundancy

    Hi Guys,

    I have allot of customers starting to ask about DR solutions for their DR plan. Possibilities include, remote data centers, VM snapshots, double take, replicate 2 servers.

    One in particular is wanting to have a secondary server in a DR data center 50 miles away. The problem with that is, they are not on the same subnet so the double take is out the window.

    I have thought of the possibility of starting to put the HQ server in the DR data center and use DVM servers at site large enough to justify that.

    Any thoughts and gotchas and new ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!!
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    MySQL supports replication by default. I kind of have it working between two servers one being at a remote site. Here is my plan.
    Install the back up server as a headquarters server.
    Stop all ShoreTel services and set to manual start up.
    Configure MySQL for master slave replication the slave being the back up server.
    I followed the steps here and have had some success 5 Steps to MySQL Replication on Windows | Poscribes - The ramblings of David Evans and friends

    My plan was to have the servers replicate master to slave. In the event of a failure enable all the services on the back up and let it take over. Once the main server is recovered stop the services on the back up.
    I am not sure how well this will work or if it will work but seems like it should. In 9.1 there is a place to specify a back up server IP so I imagine that would need to be configured as well


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      As of Shoretel 9.0, Shoretel supports Doubletake with servers on different subnets. We tested the failover and fail back and it works fine.

      You specify the secondary HQ ip in Director.