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  • Download CFG file failed shore_s01.txt

    My phones obtain an address for VLAN2 after using option 156 from DHCP, then it is able to contact the FTP server and immediately after it contacted the FTP, it reads: "download CFG file failed shore_s01.txt"

    I have made sure I can anonymously contact the FTP from my desktop (vlan1) and I am able to see all the files such as shore_s01.txt

    Has anyone seen this issue resolved?

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    We had this problem recently, we corrected this by ensuring anonymous ftp was enabled on the HQ server.
    Is it possible for you to check that you can connect to the ftp server from a host in the voice vlan?
    Also double check that the ftpserver=x.x.x.x is definitely the correct IP address.


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      Yes, I put a laptop on my voice vlan (put the port in exclusive voice access mode) and was able to use a command prompt to ftp to the shoretel server anonymously. I then downloaded the ftp file (shore_s01.txt)
      I am able to do the same as above using a laptop on my data vlan.


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        You were right about double checking my ftp server setting. That was it.
        Option 156 had the wrong IP address.
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          CFG File Failed - IIS FTP Site Properies

          One time TAC went in and made a change or I don't know how the setting got changed -
          On Director in IIS - Default FTP Site Properties - Local Path tab - Write and Log visits were checked. It should be Read and Log visits. Once I changed that it back the phones booted fine.