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  • Email Notification does not work on local domain, works to external email addresses

    Ive just installed a Shortel system and the customer is looking to utilize email notification with wave file attached.

    When I test email notification with my email address all works fine. When I use an email address of the customer the notification is not delivered.

    I have double checked the IIS settings of the default SMTP server and their exchange server IP address is entered in the "smart host" field of the advanced delivery options.

    Any suggestions? Once again works fine to an external email address (mine), but does not work when sending to the customers address.


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    Could their Exchange server or firewall settings be blocking .wav files?


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      I thought of this and modified the notifications setting to just email and not attach the wave. The problem still exits. This led me to believe that this wasn't the issue. I also had there network people check any spam filters they might have and nothing was found.

      btw...The Shoretel server is located on the same subnet as the exchange server in this environment.


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        Are there relay restriction on the Exchange server itself?


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          I would say the issue is with Exchange as well.

          Can you telnet to the exchange box on port 25. From the command line type

          telnet "server" 25 were server is the name or IP address of the mail server.

          If it does not respond your issue is not with ST
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