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  • ipbxusr error during upgrade 7.5 -> 9.1

    Just tried to upgrade our 7.5 system to 9.1 and received an error late in the install about unable to create user IPBXUSR_SHORETEL . This is an upgrade so the error did not make complete sense to me. The install aborted and successfully rolled back all the changes.

    Has anyone else encountered this or has any suggestions as to what to try?

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    The IPBXUSR_SHORETEL should already be in place from the 7.x install. Check your users to see if it exists in the OS.

    If it does, My questions are

    1: Is the Server Standalone (Aka WorkGroup) or on a domain?
    2: Did you use the Administrator Log in? (Not a User with Admin rights)

    It seems to me this was a Permission issue to updated or recreate the user needed.


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      The only time I ever had this happen was when installing Director and not connected to a network of any kind. You can setup IPBXUSR_SHORETEL manually, but its a real pain, and Im not sure if it will actually work or not.