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  • call routing

    one of my customers wants to know if you can send a particular number they are dialing out a specific trunk.
    someone just say you can't so i can let him know. thanks!

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    Is this a specific phone number that they always want to go out a specific trunk? There are ways to do that..
    Or, you could set that trunk in a group that requires an 8 as an access code.. Dial '8' then the number you want to call.
    But, the ability to simple select a single "line" out of say your PRI and send a call using nothing but your phone... No, not gonna work without all kinds of custom stuff, and maybe even blocking that trunk from use by others etc.


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      1. This may be doable with a custom dial string. You'd have to talk to TAC about that.
      2. There are some ways this can be accomplished natively in ShoreTel with a special "loop" trunk (For example, an analog trunk connected physically to an analog extension).
      3. There are numerous ways this can be accomplished with a custom.

      Can you provide any more detail on what they're trying to do?