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  • Any ideas?

    We are installing ShoreTel with a PRI in City A (area code 804) and now they have decided to hire an employee in City B (area code 434.)
    There will be a VPN and the employee will use softphone.

    They have an established verizon number in City B that this person has used for years and they intend to keep it.

    They want him to make outbound from City B over the PRI in City A, and the OB CID to show the City B number. So far so good?

    They want to have calls that are returned that person ring to the Verizon number in City B and on busy/no answer go to his VM in City A. My brain is locking up on this. Any ideas?

    (We are changing our email server provider and a PM probably will not get to me until later on Friday.)


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    What is the City B number, cell phone, analog line local to the employees site?

    If this number is outside the ShoreTel system then that number cannot ring that users ShoreTel phone, unless you have the phone company forward this number to the ShoreTel, which is then routed to the remote users ext.


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      I see 3 solutions:
      A. Call forward the phone number to City A (and eat the cost of LD and forwarding charges)
      B. Assuming the user in City B has awesome Broadband, run a VPN tunnel between City A and City B. Install a Mediatrix Sip convertor in City B, and plug the verizon analog line into it. (that should work, right???)
      C. Place a 40/8 in City B


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        First thing I would do is see if the carrier for the PRI cna port the analog number to the PRI. If they can your design would be staight forward. Configure the Caller ID for the user to be the ported number and forward the inbound calls to VM through the user's Call Handling Modes. You could do the same thing with Call Forwarding but you would have to pay for each call.

        As Charles Stated you could use a SIP gateway to terminate the analog trunk into. Have the Trunk group for the SIP gateway default route to the users extension then send the cans to VM. This would send all call (internal and External) to the users VM. If you trust the VPN tunnel for outbound calls you should trust it for inbound.
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          Thanks to all. PaeTec will FX the number to City A for $12 a month. Problem solved, if the broadband is up to it.