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  • Unable to hear voice mail

    We are trying to setup a construction trailer to utilize an IPSEC tunnel over the internet and just controling QOS within the tunnel. We have it working for everything related to the phones expect for one thing.

    When I connect to voice mail I see that it connects but you hear nothing. I can call other people within our company and outside and we hear each other just fine. Others can also call me and hear me just fine. Everything that I can think to test functions just fine for this except that I can't hear voice mail over the speaker phone or the handset once I hit the vm button and it connects.

    Packet captures for that phone as well as phones at an office show what appear to be the correct RTP communication back and forth between the voice mail server and the phone so it doesn't appear to be that that the phone can't route to the voice mail server. The only odd behavior noticed for the network is that I can't ping the phone from the voice mail server when I can ping phones in other offices.
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    No Audio

    Fix the ping problem first. Then look at the audio issue.

    One may fix the other.

    Most of the time VPN problems are due to either NAT or access lists.


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      If you connect via RDP to the server and have the parameters for Local Resources set to "Bring [sound] to this computer", it will cause the problem you have described. You'll need to reboot the ShoreWare server and make sure that anyone connecting via RDP has the remote computer sound setting at "Leave at remote computer".


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        Are you using Cisco ASA firewall for the IPSEC tunnel? I had this same issue a few years back and had to disable a filtering rule on the firewall. I am more inclined to think the ping issue is your root cause however. Perhaps the gateway is incorrect or isn't routing?