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  • Dvm

    I am doing an install for 4 sites with DVM. I install the remote server software on the DVM server however I am not sure how I verify it is functioning. I don't see anything about on the HQ server. It is very vague in the install guide.

    What do I have to do to see the DVM server on the HQ server?

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    You need to add an application server:
    From Shoreware director choose Administration -> Application Servers
    Choose the site that you are adding the server from the dropdown at the top of the page and click new.
    Fill in a name, and IP address and change the options below if you need to use particular extension numbers etc..

    Assuming the new DVM is already installed, you should now see it on the list at the right hand side of the Quicklook screen. Hopefully it will have a Green uparrow next to it.
    If you click on the link, you will drill down and see the services running on the DVM. I have noticed that when you drill down, your browser is actually making an http request onto the dvm server itself so the page you see if actually coming from the dvm server and not proxyed via the HQ server.
    If there is no green uparrow, then the headquarters server can't see it and you will need to take steps to troubleshoot connectivity on the network.


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      Thanks, everything is working properly.