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  • Direct Connection from HQ1-SGT1 to HQ2-SGT1


    I am running one main HQ Main Server and network and then a 2nd "Testing" HQ Server and network.

    The main HQ is 7.5 while the test server is on 8.1

    I want to be able to generate calls from the 7.5 network and have them ring to the 8.1 network (simulating call from telco as far as the 8.1 network would know).

    We use ISDN user normally for our Telco PRI that goes into our HQ MAin's T1 Switch.

    I also have a spare SGT1 that is connected to the HQ Main server which is what I'm trying to configure as the "telco". Anyone do this? Would love to get a quick recommendation for the settings and whether to use normal or crossover cable between the two SGT1's on separate HQ servers (they are sitting side-by-side fyi)

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    I connected an SgT1 at HQ1 (our production system) to an SgT1 at HQ2 (our lab system) via a cross-over T1 cable.

    HQ1 is the timing master, HQ2 gets its timing from the circuit (the slave).

    I ran QSIG between the two systems because I had never played with QSIG before. Very simple. You could play with PRI or dumb T1 wink-start, instead.

    My servers are running exactly the same software that yours are. I'll be upgrading my lab system to 9.1 shortly. Was fun to upgrade the lab system from 7.5 to 8.1, look and feel of Call Manager changes a fair amount.

    Have fun