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  • Shoretel 9.1, has anyone upgraded yet

    I see that 9.1 is being pushed out and was wondering if anyone has upgraded from 7.5, 8 or 8.1. If yes, was it painful (other than having to push a new PCM to each client)?

    Is the PCM now java?
    Is the PCM still a resource hog and slow to launch as in 8.1?
    How well does the AD integration work?
    How is the new version of MCM?

    I have read the release notes (ok, skimmed them as they are 170 pages), but wanted to hear from people that have done the upgrade.

    If you have other questions, feel free to add to this thread.



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    Just did the upgrade from 8.1 last night. No big issues other than having to force a reboot on the 110 model phones 3 times before they'd take the firmware update.

    The Call Manger is not java but it does work on Vista and Windows 7 64 bit. That was really the only reason I did the upgrade.

    Didn't really notice 8.1 as a resource hog on my machine, but I did get complaints from a few users on slower machines. My task manager currently shows it using 71MB of RAM

    Haven't setup the AD integration yet. Planning on looking into it later this week.

    Haven't use the MCM because there is no Android, Palm Pre or iPhone client. Most of our users are on those devices.

    Let me know if I can help with anything else.



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      I was hoping for Java to make the Mac users happy.


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        We're lucky in that we are already using VMWare Fusion with XP on our Macs. It would be nice to have a native client though.


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          We upgarded to 9 in june, smooth. We don't push anything, just give them directions to upgrade themselves.


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            We have upgraded 5 customers to ST9, couple minor issues. IP115's won't take firmware update and we had to physically power cycle them.

            Haven't used the AD integration yet.

            New MCM is nice, it seems faster, you don't have to remove the old version just run the new one for the upgrade.

            Overall it has been very smooth so far.


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              You will need additional license keyz for features that were formerly licensed on a "honour" basis. $$


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                We upgraded from 7.5 to 9.1 last weekend. I did have one issue where one of our SG90 switches didn't take the flash update and I had to run burnflash.exe for that switch to reflash the configuration files. It worked fine after that. There wasn't really an issue and the switch "ftp booted" from the server so no phones were impacted.
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                  We are using XP Fusion on Mac as well, but we are having issues with connectivity. I can receive VMs and I can IM, but I can not receive or place calls. My icon states that the phone is disconnected....line not in service. Has anyone seen this issue before? Or have any ideas on how to fix this?


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                    We had some issues with PCM Upgrade that did not recreate the TAPI connection.
                    Uninstalling PCM and reinstalling resolved the issue for us.


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                      We are a new ShoreTel customer running 9.1... the AD integration was a little tricky to set up at first (you need to specify a server name as opposed to a normal LDAP path, there are some posts about it here), but it works like a champ. The user does the initial setup (server name, contact import settings, etc.) then that's it. I thought user might have had to log in and cache their AD userID/pass, but nope.


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                        We had about a 10% PCM explosion rate. Probably about twice as high as previous upgrades.

                        removal and re-installation fixed all of the problem ones.


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                          How were you delivering the upgrade to your users? I'm getting ready to upgrade my 400+ users to 9.1 from 7.5 later this month. Am currently planning on pushing it out via GP. As several of my locations are remote without any resemblance of support locally, I would like to lower your 10% explosion rate if possible.


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                            Originally posted by eazeaz View Post
                            We had about a 10% PCM explosion rate. Probably about twice as high as previous upgrades.

                            removal and re-installation fixed all of the problem ones.
                            TAPI connection does seem a bit touchy. As you say usually a re-install will fix it.


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                              We push via group policy.

                              If you are going from 7.5 to 9.1 I would expect your results to be worse. We were just going from 8.1 to 9.1... although with software, sometimes a bigger jump is less painful. Who knows for sure..............