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  • Faxing Issues Multi tech Fax server

    I am having a lot of faxing issues which i have not been able to resolve. I have called ShoreTel support and Multi tech with no succes on correcting on what i am getting which is poor line conditions. I have checked for network problems, I have adjusted my TX and RX on my PRI with no luck and also at the analog port level. Has anyone experience Faxing issues and can give me any other suggestion on correcting my issues.


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    Hi. I'm not sure if my problem is actually a problem. I occionally get messages from the Multi-Tech server that a fax was dropped due to poor line conditions. I would say this happens about 15% of the time at the worst and has really not happened in quite some time, tho' I did nothing proactive to reduce the problem.

    How often is this happening to you? Bummer about Multi-tech support, I've only had good experiences with them.


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      What baud rate do you have the modems set at? Are they (modems) upgraded to the latest firmware?

      I had issues when I set baud rate to 33600, when I lowered it to 14400 my problem went away.