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  • "No Service" after power outage

    We had a power outage last evening and now we have a set of phones that show no service on the display. We haven't changed any configurations or settings and everything looks the same. They are connected to a catalyst 2975 Cisco Switch. The phone VLAN is 246 and if I plug my laptop into a port on the switch it will pull a 246 IP and I can ping the shoretel server etc. If I take the phone to a different area in the building and plug it in, the phone works normally (plugged into a different switch). No configurations changes have been made on the Cisco switch so it's odd the phones worked plugged into one switch and not another. Any Ideas?

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    Well, if the phone that has no service works on another segment of the network, I would guess maybe the dhcp scope is misconfigured.

    I've also seen it where we lost power, and the phones came up with no service. Usually all we had to do was power cycle the phones again, sometimes had to clear the settings.


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      we've cleared the settings and power cycled the phones numerous times. I have even gone as far as deleting the phones, and seeing if they will come back up but then they just cycle in DHCP.

      About the DHCP scope...both switches I've plugged the phone into (one works and the other giving no service) are connected through the same DHCP server so not sure that it's the scope giving us issues.


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        update we have tried to configure the settings on a phone to see if it would boot with a static IP, but again came back up with "no service" so DHCP is not the issue.


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          You mentioned that you can ping the server, but can you ping the Shoregear switches from the Cisco switch? More importantly, can you ping either of the two switches that are identified in Shoreware Director as the Configuration Switches?

          Also, if you had a running config in the Cisco Switch that had not been written to memory, it would have reverted to the last saved configuration after the power outage.


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            If I plug a PC into the switch that is configured for the Voice VLAN, it will pull an IP address from that VLAN and I can ping every piece of shoretel equipment that we have onsite.

            Checking the switch configurations it appears to be exactly the same as a switch that works with the shoretel phones.


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              We have had a similar problem and the switches came up before the server and it was acting really strange. I would suggest rebooting the switches and phones and then see if the problem goes away.