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  • New install - integrating with Nortel

    Hi All....
    Joined the ShoreTel family (officially) last week when we installed the system. We are integrating with a Nortel CS-1000 running Succession 4.5. After about two days we got most things working.

    One item that isn't working is Caller ID.

    Our system is setup so that Call Pilot answers the phone, the caller hits 8 (for thru-dial) and then a 4 digit extension. If they dial Nortel extension, caller id works fine. If they dial a ShoreTel extension, the ShoreTel displays "Call Pilot" and the Port #. It also says Nortel TIE Line at the bottom of the display.

    If I pick up a Nortel phone and dial ShoreTel phone (all using 4 digits), the caller ID works. (i.e. it will say Test Phone 8501).

    Anyone know the command(s) that need to be set on the Nortel to allow the Caller ID info to pass?

    We were configured as QSIG, but changed to ISDN (user) using NI2.

    Thanks you!

    Keith Budurka
    Benco Dental Company

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    Not sure I understand, you just said that if you pickup a Nortel phone and call Shoretel the CID works?
    Is the call pilot a Nortel term for auto attendent? So you are looking for an outside number DNIS to show up on the shoreTel after the caller hits 8 and 4 digits?


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      haven't put my hands on an Option system since release 25, so I am out of date.

      since Nortel-ShoreTel telephone-telephone CID works, I'd say dig through your Call Pilot docs to see how to override the defaults...if it can be done. not much help, sorry.


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        Yes, Call Pilot is our auto attendant. I don't think I have many options to customize anything there, but since CID does pass to any device connected directly to our Nortel. And, we are getting CID, just the WRONG infomation. It gives us the call pilot port # (which gets assigned an extension in the Nortel).


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          On both systems you will need to set-up your PRI as 'QSIG' to get CLID to work.
          Here is the 'Route/DCH/Channel' programming on the Nortel side.
          I know this works...

          TYPE RDB
          CUST 00
          ROUT XX
          DES SHORETEL
          TKTP TIE
          NPID_TBL_NUM 0
          ESN NO
          CNVT NO
          SAT NO
          RCLS INT
          VTRK NO
          DTRK YES
          BRIP NO
          DGTP PRI
          ISDN YES
          MODE PRA
          IFC ISGF
          SBN NO
          PNI 00001
          NCNA NO
          NCRD NO
          CHTY BCH
          CTYP UKWN
          INAC YES
          ISAR NO
          CPFXS YES
          DAPC NO
          INTC NO
          DSEL 3VCE
          PTYP PRI
          AUTO NO
          DNIS NO
          DCDR NO
          ICOG IAO
          SRCH LIN
          TRMB YES
          ACOD XXXX
          TCPP NO
          CLEN 1
          BILN NO
          IDC NO
          DCNO 0 *
          NDNO 0
          DEXT NO
          SIGO STD
          ICIS YES
          TIMR ICF 512
          OGF 512
          EOD 13952
          NRD 10112
          DDL 70
          ODT 4096
          RGV 640
          GRD 896
          SFB 3
          NBS 2048
          NBL 4096
          IENB 5
          TFD 0
          VSS 0
          VGD 6
          DRNG NO
          CDR NO
          VRAT NO
          MUS NO
          RACD NO
          EQAR NO
          FRL 0 0
          FRL 1 0
          FRL 2 0
          FRL 3 0
          FRL 4 0
          FRL 5 0
          FRL 6 0
          FRL 7 0
          OHQ NO
          OHQT 00
          CBQ NO
          AUTH NO
          TDET NO
          TTBL 0
          ATAN NO
          PLEV 2
          ALRM NO
          ART 0
          SGRP 0
          AACR NO

          ADAN DCH X
          CTYP MSDL
          DNUM XX
          PORT X
          DES Shoretel
          USR PRI
          DCHL XX
          OTBF 32
          PARM RS422 DTE
          DRAT 64KC
          CLOK EXT
          IFC ISGF
          PINX_CUST 0
          ISDN_MCNT 300
          CLID OPT0
          CO_TYPE STD
          SIDE NET
          CNEG 1
          RLS ID 25
          PR_TRIGS DIV 2 3
          CNG 2 3
          PR_RTN NO
          MBGA NO
          OVLR NO
          OVLS NO
          T310 120
          T200 3
          T203 10
          N200 3
          N201 260
          K 7

          DES SHORETEL
          TN 0XX 01
          TYPE TIE
          CDEN SD

          CUST 0
          TRK PRI
          PDCA 1
          PCML MU
          NCOS X
          RTMB XX 24
          TGAR 0
          AST NO
          IAPG 0
          P10 VNL
          DATE 19 JAN 2009


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            Well to me it looks like the issue isn't CID because it is working, you just aren't getting the CID you are looking for. So it looks like you need to modify the CID name on the Nortel side.


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              Having all kinds of grief trying to get this Nortel tie trunk set up to an Option 61C. Tried following the programming you have entered but still can't connect. I have the ShoreTel set up as ISO QSIG slave, and the Nortel tech tells me he is configured as listed above, but I can't get any calls through. Any ideas?