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  • My First Elementary Question: Call Forwarding

    Greetings all -
    I'm working on a system in which the customer has two LANs - one for voice and one for data. This is due to security and cannot be routed.

    Do you have any suggestions for forwarding calls? I'm unaware of how to edit call handling modes from the phone. I miss the days of a 'Call Forward' key! How about a Feature (*) code?

    Speaking of feature codes, anyone know where I can scare up a list of * codes for SIP devices and/or analog extensions?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Dial the voicemail login extension. Follow the prompts to set your call handling mode. 7-2-(1-5).


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      To actually EDIT the call handling modes from the phone, press the Options button on the phone, then enter the VM password (the user must have voicemail).

      Highlight "Call Handling" and push the Edit softkey
      Highlight the specific call handling mode you want to change and press the Edit softkey again.



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        Call Forwarding

        You can also press the mode softkey and select the CHM that you want.



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          If you could convince the end user to allow port 80 traffic to route from data vlan to the Shoretel Director server IP on Voice Vlan, PCM should work. Of course if they are super strict, then you are stuck with the options above.

          When I am faced with challenges like this, I explain to the customer that they are now driving a Ferrari with Tires from a Toyota Yarus. You have this amazing car and can't do anything amazing with it because of your crappy tires.

          Good Luck!