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  • 2-5 second delay

    Iíve got a sporadic problem with a couple of users. I have a few cases when there is a 2-5 second delay from answering the phone to being able to hear the person.

    At first I thought it was only from outside lines but now it is happening on inside calls too.

    Any thoughts on what it could be?

    Iíve already rebooted the SG-90 they are on, replaced the telephone and the wiring.

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    It seems like the delay is worse at times (sometimes a 15 second delay).

    Has anybody seen this issue before?

    The problem seems to be isolated to one work group.


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      Originally posted by tcpip View Post

      The problem seems to be isolated to one work group.
      Workgroup? Workgroups reside on the server, Hunt groups are on the switches. Is it only WG calls? If so, try rebooting the server.


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        Good point. I will try that tonight and report back tomorrow.



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          The reboot didn't cure the problem but I do have some more to go on.

          The problem seems to ONLY occur to people who use headsets (and have the Default Audio Path set to Headset).

          I also noticed this morning that when they press Answer via call manager, the line appearance blinks but the phone stops ringing.

          I have asked that these headset users answer the phone with the handset first and then switch to the headset after they get audio.

          I have QoS setup and have been monitoring their network ports via RMON and have not found any issues with the network. Also in the ShoreTel TmsNcc log the Jitter, Underrun and overrun errors are all 0 (j:0,u:0,o:0)


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            Problem Solved

            It was the Plantronics M12 Amplifiers that were causing the problem.

            There were two solutions:

            Our ST Partner (Corp DVS in Nashua NH) suggested using an amplified quick connect cable instead of the M12. This worked great but the cables are $30 each and cost prohibitive.

            We found that removing the 2 AA batteries and switching to AC power adapters also fixed the problem. This is cheaper at $7 per adapter.


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              Was the quick connect cable the A10 cable? I'm curious as I'm looking into them at the moment.


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                Originally posted by rkbrente View Post
                Was the quick connect cable the A10 cable? I'm curious as I'm looking into them at the moment.
                Yes, that was the one. It worked great but it was a cost issue for us.


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                  Direct connect headsets are a nicer solution in my opinion, you don't need an amp with the ShoreTel phones.


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                    Sorry, I just now read the post. Glad you found the problem. This is a common problem with headsets running on batteries only. They go to a sleep mode. The power adapters are they way to go.