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  • XO MPLS and SNAT

    We have two offices connected via XO MPLS IPVPN service. The connection is 2 bonded T1's at each location, with the MPLS providing inter-office connectivity. Each office has it's own Pri and ShoreTel Small Business Edition PBX. We are combining the systems so that we have a ShoreTel enterprise Edition system, and SG Switches at our main office, with SG Switches and DVM at the second office.
    My problem is that when we first setup the MPLS, XO had me create SNAT entries at each location so that the traffic from the other site would flow. This has been ok until we came to the upgrade of ShoreTel. Since the SG Switches won't talk over NAT, I am looking for another way to configure my network. We are using Astaro ASG 220 Appliances as our firewall at each office.

    Any help is appreciated

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    We have XO MPLS between our sites and we don't do NAT. Here is how it is configured. From the XO router, I have 2 ethernet handoffs, one is a private 10.x.x.x network, the other is a public network. All of my offices 8 on MPLS have a different 10.x.x.x network and we route all the traffic over the MPLS (XO maintains the cloud routing table). If works quite well and the only NAT we have to do is going to the Internet.

    Hope that helps.