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  • omitting the initial 1 in dialing sequence?

    Is there anyway to override the initial 1 in the dialing sequence before area code?

    After you dial the line access code (9) shoretel requires the dialing sequence to be 1 (XXX) XXX XXXX for any number that is not in the local areacode. I have tried adding all other area codes as local but that didn't work.

    Since the telco will reject or accept the offered dialing sequence and in most areas they only require (XXX) XXX XXXX I want to remove the need to enter that 1. 2 Issues have stemmed from this, users are getting annoyed but more importantly they have been dialing 911 accidently and I do not want to have to change the line access code.


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    The problem arrises because ShoreTel is trying to make routing decisions while you are dialing. It is monitoring what you are dialing and once it sees 7 digits that it can route, it sends them out as a local call. If it sees a 1, it waits until 10 digits have been entered. If you dial from the call manager, it is able to see the numbers as a complete string and make routing decisions based on that. While there MIGHT be a way to modify this, I am not immediately aware of one.

    The ShoreTel system routes calls by raising EVERY call to be a full valid NANPA number: +1 (XXX)XXXXXXX So, when you dial 7 digits that don't start with a 1, it assumes you are dialing a local 7 dgit number. It adds a +1 and the local area code to make it a valid NANPA number. Once it has the full number, it can look at the sites and trunks you have available and decide where to send the call. After deciding which trunk to use, it follows that trunk's dialing rules to figure out how to send the digits to the telco.

    To resolve your 911 issues, you COULD configure your system to require a line access code to dial 911. This would require users to dial 9+911 instead of just timing out after9+11.


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      Found it! Import all area codes into the Nearby area code box in trunk group set up!