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  • caller ID Vs 911

    Perhaps I am missing something. But I have struggled with this.

    Is there a way of Defining the outbound caller ID so that it is different than the 911 CESID?
    Yes this is on a PRI.

    Also for this purpose, I have 2 sites 1 with PRI and 1 with POTS.

    The site with POTS (East Coast) will have some remote users using 230Gs.

    The site with PRI is (West Coast) will have a VPN concentrator and will also have remote users.

    The East Coast site remote users were going to utilize the POTS lines, but that would affect the 911. Is there a way of routing the 911 calls to the PRI site for the CESID purpose?

    One last thing, 2 users have four phones each. one at the local office, one at their local home, one at the remote office, and one at the remote home. I was planning on just using extension reassignment, but the caller ID and CESID will be an issue. Any thoughts?

    Thanks in advanced.