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  • Resetting a phone

    I am sure that this has been covered elsewhere, but a quick search didn't give info I needed.

    I sometimes get a corrupted Font file to where it is nothing but black boxes for text.

    What I need is a way to make the phone "out of the box" condition so it forces a redownload of all files.
    I end up replicating the BMP file associated with the text, assign a new name to it, then the the assoiciated custom file, tell it to download that file. It seems to work. But a simple command like RESET should completely wipe the phone.

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    Ah never mind I found it from
    Originally posted by markshowacre View Post
    Factory Reset
    Mute + rramos (772667) #
    Password = 1234#
    Factory Test KPD Mode
    Mute Clear (25327) #
    Power cycle phone
    (Unplug Cat5 cable)

    The Mute + Clear (25327) #
    Will clear other cache corruption problems...
    No server found (FTP cache IP Address corrupt)
    Wrong Date & Time (NTP cache IP Address corrupt)

    Other ShoreTel Mute Codes
    Mute + Reset (73728) #
    Mute + Setup (73887) #
    Mute + Clear (25327) #
    Mute + INFO (4636) # 3