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  • DHCP Option 156 on ASA5505 v8.21

    I have an ASA5505 running 8.21 but I am having trouble setting the option 156 on the ASA for the Shoretel phones. I have done this in the past on Cisco routers and numerous other types of devices. I was assuming the ASA would be similiar but it appears to be different. In the past I have used dhcpd option 156 ascii "ftpservers= layer2tagging=1 vlanid=2", but when I try this one the ASA (both in the CLI and the ASDM v6.21) I get an error - Too many ASCII strings from the CLI, and ASCII Data cannot contain spaces from the ASDM - which is why you use the quotes (at least in the Cisco routers). I have searched the forums and I have seen other people with this same issue and everyone directs them to some old link about a Cisco router assuming they are the same...they aren't Let me know if anyone has any ideas...and thank you for your help.

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    I found your post trying to find a solution to the same problem. Here's the proper syntax for the ASA software:

    dhcpd option 156 ascii ftpservers=x.x.x.x,country=1,language=1,layer2tagg ing=1,vlanid=x interface YYY


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      Do I need to put in the other info if I'm not using a vlan, and just use

      dhcpd option 156 ascii ftpservers=

      and with or without quotes?



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        Here is a cut and paste example from an ASA that worked for us.

        dhcpd option 156 ascii ftpservers=
        dhcpd option 4 ip

        dhcpd address inside
        dhcpd dns interface inside
        dhcpd domain interface inside
        dhcpd enable inside


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          The minimum you need in DHCP option 156 is ftpservers=, it will grab the rest from the server.