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  • Cat5e pair for Paging Port

    Does anyone know the distance limitation for a cat5e pair with a 3.5mm plug carrying the paging port signal/voice?

    I plan on running the paging port to this device or directly to the amp which is already on the wall

    I already have it hooked up for night ring and it works just fine.

    Other than using the paging port, I know of no other way to get audio about 150' into that device or an amp.

    I could always buy something like the to send an analog extension to paging. Have installed a few of these and they work just find.


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    Double up the pairs in the CAT5e & solder your ends on to send it across a long distance.


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      When you say "long distance" what are we talking here?


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        Odd. I tried connecting a 3 ft wire from the paging port just to my line in on the laptop and it detects no sound. I am using MONO plugs as per the documentation stating it is a 3.5MM mono plug


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          The mono plug is for the Music On Hold (MOH). The overhead paging uses a Stereo jack. Connect your paging amp to the Ring and Sleeve connectors on the Stereo jack. I have sent this as far as 400 feet or so over cat-5 with no noticable loss or degradation. I have used the analog trunks also, but I have found more often than not, this works better and easier.