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  • Incoming toll free Caller ID. Is it possible?

    We have (3) 800 numbers. I am building a CRM(ish) system which uses the inbound caller ID, but all incoming calls to our 800 numbers show up as "unknown" on the CDR reports. Our rep says it has something to do with shoretel not supporting NSF call by call and that it is not possible with the service we ordered (AT&T) but i'm not sure I believe him.

    Is what I'm asking even possible? I know it depends on if the caller's network supports CID, but if so, shouldn't we be able to see their Caller ID when they call one of our 800 numbers?

    Basically I want to know if we're missing some CID service from ATT or does ShoreTel not even support that type of service for incoming toll free calls?