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  • Individual Line Access

    Here is the scenerio:

    Customer has the need occasionally to run a Carrier feature code on there main analog line. Of course they have many lines that hunt and I have them built into a trunk group, so when you dial 9, the chances of getting their "main" line is slim. They also need to run a feature code to block numbers from coming in, which the carrier said, they need to dial a * feature code on every line.

    Basically, is there a way to grab an individual line in a trunk group or Individual trunk access?

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    Here’s the solution to activating exchange based features on analog trunks:

    1. Create a trunk group for each analog trunk you need to be able to directly activate exchange features on.

    2. Use the same trunk access code and outbound permissions as the rest of the analog trunk groups.

    3. Configure a range of off system extensions for this trunk group. In this example I’ve used 4444 to activate (*21+number) divert, 4445 (#21#) to disable.

    4. Add to the custom dial plan for this trunk group the following string(s):



    5. Save the trunk group.

    To activate the diversion they just need to dial 4444, wait for 5 seconds for the trunk to connect and pulse *21 (the call timer resets and park soft button appears when the audio/DTMF path is open), then they can dial the number they wish to divert to followed by #. To deactivate they dial 4445 and wait for the prompt saying diversion is off.

    Outbound calls are routed to the trunk the same way they would be if they were in the main trunk group and if the trunk is busy the user simply gets busy tone when they dial the codes. This method also prevents users from dialing destinations outside their calling permissions as they aren’t given direct access to exchange dial tone. You can also set up any number of custom strings per individual analog trunk using this method.