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  • RightFax T1 - All circuits are busy

    We have a T1 to a Rightfax server and two PRI's for calls at a customer. We are using 4 of the 23 channels on the T1 for the rightfax server. Basically, when all 4 are in use, if you dial there fax number, you get an "All circuits are busy" from the carrier obviously. they say, it used to just get a busy signal prior to there 7.5 to 8.1 upgrade, and the fax machines trying to fax them would just go into retry mode. but now, "all Circuits are busy" is causing some issues. I can't think of why 8.1 would make a difference but who knows. anybody have any familiarity with this issue with Rightfax?

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    Are you sure the message is from the carrier, and not an admission control bandwidth message?

    Maybe your codecs changed (and they do) when you went to 8.1, causing more bandwidth to be used, and you are hitting the limit?

    Anything in the event logs about admission control?

    I cant see how anything on the phone system side could cause your telco to issue an "all circuits are busy" message when it didn't used to....

    of course, it could have always just worked like that, and your users are wrong....
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      Nothing in the events, but this is also in a single site, so I wouldn't think Codec would make a difference, since this is using Tandum Trunking with a ShoreTel T1 to the RightFax server


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        What is your admission control bandwidth set at for the site?

        I am not sure if it even comes into play with a single site. Just curious.


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          It is set to 512


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            Admission Control

            This could be a wild goose chase, but, fax lines normally are set to use 128k per call.

            4 x 128 = 512 = your admission control limit

            since you are only one site, set your admission control to 1500

            see if the problem goes away.

            it should be a safe change that cant really cause any problems. The trunking in of the fax lines could be viewed as bandwidth into the site, maybe you are just hitting the limit. I would have thought you would have seen events though.

            either way, worth a shot. Its harmless.