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  • Loud Ringer / Buzzer / Flasher

    Has anyone used this device or found a similar device?Doro RingPlus/Teleflash ring indicator - Doro RingPlus.

    It appears to only be available in the UK.

    It does not require the use of any shoretel resources as it has a ring detector similar to the plantronics headset ring detectors. Place the ring detector over the speaker of the shoretel (or any phone for that matter) , phone rings which rings the buzzer and flashes the light

    This seems to be the perfect solution for a loud plant environment where you need a quick, cheap, solution that does not require any extra wiring.

    I know the analog line solutions, splicing into the existing speaker solution etc.. Just looking for a solution like this where you slap it in and you are up and running in 2 minutes.