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  • Dell PowerConnects 5324, 6024, 6224

    Hello All,

    Are there anyone out there that is familiar with setting up dell powerconnects for qos. Our network is comprise of 5324, 6024, and 6224. Most of our edge switches are 5324 and we have a 6024 that is our core switch. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Were you able to set up using the Dell switches? I have a 6248P Dell and it is giving my issues.


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      We are using 6248P switches with the additional power module with absolutely no issues. Everything was plug and play right out of the box. That being said, we are 100% segregated network.... all phones are on their own physical lan segment. For the cost, it simply wasn't worth it for us to mess with trying to run them on the same lan segment as the data network.


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        Separate Network

        I am a big fan of the separate network for the phones.

        Simplifies so many things.


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          We just rolled out 6248's to 4 sites on a recent implementation. Voice and Data VLAN's, I must say we spent a lot of time configuring them and testing. All switches route, we have computers plugged into phones. Works great now. Never messed with QOS on them yet, they have dedicated bandwidth between sites for Voice.