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  • Mcm

    I am fairly new to ShoreTel. I have done a fair bit of reading on this site about MCM but I am still a bit confused. I need to get MCM working on a BB 8800. They are not using a BES server, they have a static IP address but I am confused on how I get the BB to download the client software. Do I need to port forward to the server IP? I have read that there is some IIS setup to be done before hand but cannot find any concrete details on this.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    In my opinion, it is EXTREMELY painful to get it to work without a BES server.


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      The only way to make this work would be to have a public IP address for your ST server as the BB has to be able to get to the IP address of the server http://serverIP/mcm/client to install the client software on your BB. What a BES does is give you the link to the internal address. If you can get to the IP address of the server using your BB without BES, you might have a chance, but I do believe the client once installed uses MDS to connect to the server, which is a protocol only supported via BES, but I am not 100% sure about that.

      You could look at the BB professional server, it comes with up to 5 licenses rather than a full BES server, which is quite a bit more money.



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        We got our BES for free from our cell phone carrier. Sometimes they have specials, it doesnt hurt to ask.

        Telling RIM that you are on the fence about getting iphones or blackberries sometimes helps too.


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          Thanks for the replies, I am going to give it a try with a public IP and hold off on the BES server.


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            public IP

            I think you will be opening yourself up to attack. I would not forward a live public ip directly into my PBX.

            I dont think I would even be comfortable with a reverse proxy.

            Be careful.....