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  • VPN Concentrator and Phones in different countries

    Hello guys. I'm a ShoreTel installer in NYC. We have a big issue with one of our client. The setup is following:

    1 HQ in NYC
    2 3200 NetVanta Adtran is a boarder router
    3 WatchGuard firewall is right behind it
    4 VPN concentrator in HQ site in NYC
    5 12 VPN Phones in 3 different countries
    6 ping delay response to phones between 120-220 ms

    The phones came up fine and registered with VPN concentrator. When you call those extensions the conversation is fine for 3-5 minutes and after it suddenly digrades.
    We have port 443 open in firewall and using NAT, also we told to our ISP to implement QoS on our data T1, but I think everything is encrypted so they really do not see the VoIP traffic in order to prioritize it. No QoS and CoS is implemented on LAN we have that install for about a year and voice quality was fine without these services in place.

    Maybe someone can help on VPN concentrator settings or Router or Firewall
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