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  • Music on-hold with analog phones

    Three sites at the same location, each has their own switch. All sites make in and outbound calls thru main site. The main site has analog and IP phones. The issue is that the music on-hold works for the IP phones at the main site, but not the analog phones. The analog phones are AP100/AAstra 390's, anyone no if there is an issue with MOH for analog phones? Do the analog users have to put the customer on hold a certain way, currently they push the hold button on the AP and it truely puts the customer on hold.

    The other two sites have the same analog phones, but their site uses trunks from the main site so their MOH won't work with calls coming in from another site. I'm going to have to create one site and add all switches to the main site. I don't want to do this until I know that the analog phones actually work with MOH.

    Any ideas????
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    What happens when the analog phone people put the caller on hold using PCM, rather than the phone. I don't believe the analog phone can signal the switch to put the caller on hold.



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      Thanks for the info, that was the issue. By using the PCM they could hear the music.

      Thanks again


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        Glad to help.