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  • Ascom i75 - not using right VLAN?

    Hello all - We have set up our ShoreTel system with an Ascom i75 WiFi phone, running on Cisco 1100 and 1131 wireless access points.

    The phone is properly grabbing a SIP extension, and works. The issue is the phone is not grabbing the correct IP address, it is using the data side of the VLAN instead of the voice VLAN.

    I've followed Application Note AN-07002 rev D and believe that the Cisco routers are properly configured. We are using an ESSID of "CiscoAP" for the data side (VLAN1) and "Ascomm-WiFi" for the voice side (VLAN2). Both are set to use WEP with 128-bit encryption and they use the same WEP key for simplicity.

    The ShoreWare director is build 13.24.5909.0 - our vendor upgraded us to this version to properly use SIP extensions as required by the i75 unit.

    Does anyone have troubleshooting advice for getting this i75 WiFi phone to properly grab an IP address from the voice VLAN? The hard-wired phones are booting to a 172.16.16.x network, then redirected to the voice VLAN in the 192.168.16.x range. Our DHCP server is a Windows Server 2003 with the various subnets scoped into DATA and VOICE segments.

    If I tell the i75 to use the "Ascomm-WiFi" ESSID, it returns a "No Access" error. If I change over to the "CiscoAP" ESSID, it grabs an IP of and works OK.

    Any help is much appreciated.

    Mark Evinger

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    So, after poking around the Adtran POE switches a bit I found the solution.

    The fix was to set the port the access point is plugged into as "trunk" mode. Change the i75 to connect on voice ESSID and hey presto! it connects and grabs the voice vlan IP reserved for it in the DHCP scope.

    Mark Evinger