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  • Modify extensions

    Could someone tell me how to modify Headquarters Auto-Attendant, Headquarters Voice Mail and Headquarters Voice Mail Login. I was able to modify the system ext's in the system extension screen however I have searched high and low and cannot find where to modify the other's that are showing up in the system directory, they happen to fall into the customer's DID range.


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    First you ask how to modify the AA , HQ VM, and HQ VM login, but then you You said you were able to modify the Auto-Attendant, VM and VM login.

    What other extensions are you looking to modify? I am just a bit cornfused.. then again that mightb be due to some green beer from last night


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      All the system extension are located under system parameters/system extension.
      May I ask why you need or want to change them?


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        You are looking for the extensions listed under "Application Servers" or "Sites/<HeadQuarters Server>"


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          I was looking for the one under application servers. Thanks for the replies. The reason I need to change them is because we are building a system based on existing extensions and some people had those extensions.