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  • SIP Firmware Load on Cisco 7940/7960


    I'm trying to make use of Cisco phones on a ShoreGear enviroment, but I cannot get SIP firmware to load via a TFTP connection.

    I have Shoretel's Application note AN-10080.

    I have Cisco's procedure document.

    The phone is currently loaded with SCCP version P00307020200

    I can TFTP the SIPDefault.cnf file to the phone.

    I can TFTP the SIP<mac address>.cnf file to the phone.

    I do have an OS79XX.txt file.

    I have reviewed an old posting from 5/8/2008 on this forum.

    I do have the proper value for the firmware name in the OS79XX.txt file (contents are simply P0S3-07-5-00).

    I do have the proper value for the firmaware name in the SIPDefault.cnf file (contents are image_version: P0S3-07-5-00).

    I have tried variations of those names "just in case". i.e tried using names beginnig with "P003" rather than ""P0S3".

    Cisco is of no help of course. (They are not at all happy that we're looking at Shoretel).

    Any ideas??

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    Edit the SIPDefault.cnf file under the image version line to the correct sip release.

    # SIP Default Generic Configuration File

    # Image Version
    image_version: P0S3-07-5-00

    This should allow sip image to load on the cisco set. The key element at this stage is the TFTP server it should tell where the problems are as for the download of this firmware. If yours does not use solarwinds TFTP.