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  • ShoreWare Director Server Install

    We are currently using the Shoretel system that utilizes one Shoregear 90V (6x Analog Lines) a Shoreware Director server and 40 ip phones (230). We are moving to a brand new facility 30 miles away and we are installing a whole new Shoretel system there using ShoreGear 90V, T1k (PRi) and ip phones (230). Can the shoreware director software be reloaded on our 2003 server at the new data center? Also, can we transfer the licenses from our old director server at the old location once everyone has moved over to the new location? I am trying to have both systems running at the same time for a period of less than 30 days while all the users move from one location to the other. Once the move is complete we will bring down the old Shortel system and utilize the hardware at the new location. Are there issues with using one of our servers for the Shoreware Director verses a server provided by the Shoretel vendor? Is the Shortel Director software tied somehow to the MAC address of our old server which would prevent us from installing it on our new 2003 server? Very confused about something that seems so simple to handle.


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    Why are you using the 90V? Just curious.


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      The 90V was sold to us originally back in August 2008 to support the 6 POTS lines we were using. We have ordered a second 90V thinking this would enable us to bring our new location (PRi) online while keeping our existing system. After ordering I found out that we would need the T1k switch that was purchased back in Aug08 but is not being used. So now I have the Tk1 plus a new 90V and the PRi service up and running. All I need now is the director, i think, and I can get this system online for our new location. The 230 ip phones will just be moved over to the new system once the user moves. I don't understnad why I can't load the director software on our new 2003 server and got this system online, just looking for some guidance.