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  • Front end an exiting legacy system with shoretel

    We have a customer that has a Trix system. we want to front end there system do provide them with a PRI. they would be using our PRI. i know we will need an T1 card to connect with their exisiting system. is there a way that we can pass DID's to them (i am assuming off system extensions) but how would they be able to get a dial tone from there system to dial out our PRI?

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    You will use a PRI tie trunk. I'm not familiar enough with Trix to tell you how.


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      PRI tie trunk

      so i will basically make the new T1 switch a tie trunk and that will pass all the info over. but how will it grab and outside line on the shoretel system


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        The easiest way would be to configure Trix to dial a trunk access code. For example, from Trix, the user dials 5555551212. Trix prepends 9 to the front and sends it Shoretel, so Shoretel sees: 95555551212.