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  • Voicemail Indicator lights not working/ Cannot call Workgroups

    I got a really strange issue.
    We have recently renovated one of our offices, This office has a ShoreGear 60 and a Shoregear 90 and a Cisco 3560g POE
    While the renovations were taking place the Shoregears and the Cisco were powered off.
    Once the renovations were completed we moved people in.
    This is where it gets strange.
    When they get a voicemail the indicator light does not light up, When they get an incomming call it does flash. They get the voicemail in their email but cannot play it through the phone any more.
    Also These users can dial another users extension but they cannot dial workgroups, they get an invalid extension error when they do.

  • #2
    If you look at Quick Look, are the SG switches showing as in service?


    • #3
      They are in service.
      On the surface everything looks normal.


      • #4
        Do the Options, Directory, or Voice Mail buttons on the phone work? (If they have them...). Can they call into voice mail manually?


        • #5
          Directory works, just cannot dial workgroups from the directory or direct dial,
          Can call into voicemail and the voicemail buttons work, in fact all the buttons work.


          • #6
            What version/buid are you running? Does this issue happen with both switches or can you narrow it down to just the phones on one particular switch? I would reboot the server then the switches. If that doesn't fix the issues run the burnflash command, the flash drive may have gotten corrupt.


            • #7
              It's on both switches.
              I have not reset the server, I'll try that after hours tonight.
              I am not familiar with the burn flash command.
              What is is and how dangerous is it/


              • #8
                The reset was the fix.


                • #9
                  I have used this fix successfully.

                  From the Shoretel server

                  cd c:/program files/shoreline communications/shoreware server


                  lamp (ext#) 1 <---to turn the lamp ON--no parenthesis

                  lamp (ext#) 0 <---to turn the lamp OFF-no parenthesis