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  • Option 156 on a Solaris v9 server

    Has anyone sucessfully set the Option 156 on a Sun Solaris DHCP server? ShoreTel says they will only support Windows or Cisco DHCP setups. Sun is questioning whether they can even do Option 156 (their options list only goes up to 89). We have tried creating the option ourselves but haven't been successful. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Here is the scenerio:

    ShoreTel phones look to use a manufacturer's option 156 in a DHCP scope. This is an ascii text string in Cisco and Microsoft and Novell (where it works).

    The option says "ftpservers=X.X.X.X, layer2tagging=1, vlanid=20".

    The customer has a Sun v240 server with Solaris 9 doing DHCP. The phones pick up the proper DHCP information (IP, Sub, GW, NTP); they just don't get the Option 156 string. There is a file in the etc folder on the Solaris that shows options only going up to 89, but there is an ability within the system to create new manufacturer options. This is the same thing we have to do in Microsoft DHCP.


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      Still need assistance

      Just to clarify, the post above is from the installer on this project (I'll be the administrator). We are still hoping someone on the forum can assist with the Option 156 configuration on the Solaris DHCP server. Thanks.