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  • VPN Phones with Concentrator

    Anyone have any experience with the VPN concentrator and VPN phones? I may be quoting this solution and was looking for some feedback.


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    We just had a shoretel install including the concentrator and I just tried using a phone at home. My first impression is very impressed. Really nice to have a real shoretel phone at home.

    I messed with it for over and hour and had no issues. Everything was instant and worked well but that was with virtualy no traffic at our office.


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      Anyone get the VPN phone to work without the concentrator, lets say Juniper SSL?


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        It won't work with another SSL solution. It is written to work with the concentrator that Shoretel OEMs.

        Other than that, works great. We've been using it for months with sales staff that work from home.


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          sonicwall vpn ssl

          You mentioned other ssls wont work, if a Juniper box isnt even working, then should I be more suspicious of sonicwall than I am? We are having some issues with it (single arm in isa2004 lan), similar acting- like the device isnt even listening.

          Am I to gather the only solution that really works is the shoretel branded box?




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            Its kind of a rip off that it wont work with other concentators. VPN isnt some rocket science that requires me to buy 4 digit Shoretel box to make it work.

            Other then trying to milk people there isnt any reason it couldnt have been made to work with industry standards. Thats the whole reason I bought VoIP, so I wouldnt be locked into proprietary vendors.