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  • Shoretel to Inter Tel PRI Tie

    We have three sites that are on Shoretel. We have a location that is using an InterTel 5000 with two PRI's. We are currently having issues with not having enough voice mail ports on the intertel system. We can't fork lift the intertel system at this time. I am wanting to move the two PSTN PRI's to the shoretel system and put two more t1 switches to tie the shoretel system to the intertel system. I have the app note on setting up the pri tie between the two systems. Can anyone verify that I can make calls from the intertel system to the PSTN pri's that we are planning to move to the shoretel t-1 switches.


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    Yes you can. Its a pretty common application these days. Just did one for a customer with mutiple locations. Some Shoretel, some Nortel. Just have pri's between the nortel and shoretel. Told the noretel that pri was outgoing trunk route. Might have to do a little LCR/ARS programming on the intertel side of the house. Not familar with that particular brand of switch. Point being is it does work. After having the Shoretel in place for awhile the customer has decided to forklift all Nortels out and deploy Shoretel across the board.


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      Nortel to ShoreTel

      The Nortel has several other sites uses it as a trunking switch for Long distance, but the other site is a ShoreTel. since the LD trunks are move to the Shoretel, what must be programmed in both switches to allow Nortel to trunk though Shoretel for LD.