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  • Change Server IP Address

    What version of ST 7 did you not have to uninstall and re-install the Shoreware to change the IP address, when we first deployed ours at 6.1, we had to uninstall & re-install, then copy the DB back over, I see postings on the steps to take through the director then the NIC, but I can't find documentation that tells when this became possible.

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    I've changed the IP of servers from 6.1 onwards without a reinstall. Changing the server name is the problem and this requires a reinstall as far as I know.

    Change the server IP in ShoreWare Director first and then in Windows. There is also a registry key under HKLM\Software\Shoreline Teleworks\HQServerAddress somewhere that has the server IP in it. This needs to be changed with regedit. The registry key is only there in newer versions I think.


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      What about changing the IP address on the main server on version 8?


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        Originally posted by chrisknight View Post
        What about changing the IP address on the main server on version 8?
        I have used the procedure I described above on 8.1 with no problems.


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          What if the IP address was not changed in director first and you find yourself locked out of director.

          How do you change it in the database?


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            Changing the IP address on the ShoreTel server is normally not an issue if done properly. Following are steps to take to change the IP address on the ShoreTel Server and changing remote and local Shoregear Switch’s.

            Steps to take to change the IP, Examples below is an example of changing an IP address form 192.168.xx.xx to 10.10.xx.xx In this example it is assumed you understand how to run the commands from the ShoreTel server such as ipbxctl and bootchange. These commands can be found in the Maintenance guide chapter 4 page 4 or 4-4 (Setting IP Address with VXworks)

            *NOTE* you will loose connectivity with the SG switches during this time; it is recommended you do not make these changes until after hours and scheduled.

            Step 1: Remote Sites, Switch’s and DVM’s
            1. Move all Users on DVM’s back to the HQ server
            2. Uninstall DVM Software (This will be re-install later)
            3. Remotely Change all of the Shoregear switches by running ipbxctl –telneton or by console port.
            a. From the vxworks prompt you will type bootchange and change the host inet to the new Shoretel Server IP address.
            b. Reboot each switch after Change (This will show in director SG with No connectivity – this is normal)

            Step 2: HQ Server and Switches
            4. Telnet into each Local SG all of the Shoregear switches by running ipbxctl –telneton or by console port. Reboot Each SG after change
            5. Log into Directory and go to the Application Server Page the IP address of the Headquarters Server to the New Servers IP Address.
            6. Next go to the Network options in Windows Control Panel and Make the Change to the Proper IP address.

            Step 3: Rebooting all the Hardware
            Reboot all your ShoreTel Hardware in the following pattern
            1: Reboot all Remote SG’s (Already Done in Step 3:b
            2: Reboot the HQ Server
            3: Reboot all Phones
            4: Uninstall and Reinstall all DMV Software Described in Step 1 (Make sure you point the DVM’s to the new IP address of the ShoreTel HQ Server

            Step 4: Move all Users Back to the Appropriate DVM
            With all the system back on line and functioning, now move all remote users back to their appropriate DVM’s.


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              Thanks for the detailed responses JLorenz, it must of been the registry issues that TAC couldn't overcome on our server, we spent a couple of hours involved in a remote session where they transferred files back and forth to the point that we had to rebuild it, we hadn't gone live yet, it was just that we had to set our "final" IP address and it ended up being such a chore, that we now encourage customer's to engrave their IP address in stone. So it sounds like changing this one customer with ST7 and no ShoreTel support should be fairly straight forward. We tried every angle including the great enhancements to the 8.1 WG PCM, but he won't come off the cash. Thanks a bunch! -Mike