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  • Compartmentalize a Shoretel

    Have 2 questions.

    Have a customer that was a larger site but scaled back. running 7.5
    They plan on subleasing out a section of their building and providing phones and lines to them. They however want to maintain a seperate netowork for the new tenants. They also don't want to have their directories appearing to each other.

    1) can the Shoretel be Split into two (or more) completely seperate systems?
    2) can the data port on the back of phones be disabled per address?
    3) can Vlans help with this?
    4) can user groups be defined to see certian things unique to that user group?
    5) can a switch be defined to be in more than one site?(operator purposes)?

    I realize that through the director the answer is no but is there any work arounds?

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    if you open the PIG and do a search on tenant it steps you through setting up the system for multiple companies on one switch.



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      Thanks, I'll run with that.


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        Has anyone located any recent information on this topic? I am looking for something similar for the same reason but can't find any articles searching with tenant.



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          Im looking to do this exact same scenario as we speak. Any advice for me?


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            It is very do-able based on the information above in the PIG, however, you'll need to have at least one switch for each "division" that you're looking to create if you want to keep your directories isolated from each other.