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  • Hold music not playing for initiated calls to the outside world via SIParator

    We are experiencing an issue with hold music not playing when a call is placed from a shoretel system out to an external phone number. We are using a SIParator to interface with an external SIP provider.

    Hold music does however work when we put calls on hold that we receive. I know that hold music doesn't exist for internal calls, but does anyone know how to get these incoming external calls working with hold music?


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    To me it sounds like you need to troubleshoot this with Shoretel TAC and the ITSP. We use a siparator at one of our clients as well and had numerous issues setting it up. It all came down to codec settings in the end.

    Shoretel, Ingate and the ITSP had to be using the same codec in order for it to work.