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  • 110 IP Phone issue

    I'm trying to install some 110 IP phones and have run into a snag.
    Some of the phones come up just fine and we can see the MAC address from the server to associate the MAC to an extension.

    Some of the IP 110 phones however are not showing up in the server. I have watched the phone during boot up and it goes through the normal DHCP process and contacts the FTP, retrieves it files, updates itself; everything it should do. Then when it gets to the point of "Requesting Service" it fails.
    I can ping the phone address from the server as well but can not see it show up via Shoreware director.

    Any Ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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    Insufficient IP phone capacity. You have to have enoungh IP phone capacity configured on a ShoreTel switch to host the phones.


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      Adam is correct that is it insufficient IP phone capacity.

      What ShoreGear switch(es) do you have?

      Make sure you have specified the built in IP phone capacity AND selected IP phone capacity on the available ports to assign.


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        I agree it's probably IP phone capacity. You should see and event log error or warning that this is the case on the HQ server. Quicklook will also show each switches total capacity and current usage.


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          Thanks to all.. It was a capacity issue. All was corrected by upping the IP phone port count.