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  • Voice mail indicators

    Is there a way to give 1 extension a button or tool bar button that monitors another extension's voice mail light. We have a few extensions of executives that the assistants check their voice mail for them and we need to give the assistants a way for them to know that there is a voice mail.


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    You can add an extension monitor to a button on a phone or BB and the status indicator will show the message icon if there is a VM. Unfortunately toolbars don't appear to indicate messages on the button, just ringing and off hook.


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      Another alternative would be to have a small application written that notifies you of this. There's a number of ways to do this, such as:
      * Flash your voicemail light for these mailboxes
      * Do something with a monitored extension, but only make it trigger when there's really a voicemail
      * Small app on the computer.