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  • I just have to say.....

    I have been reading the new posts today, and I am amazed... We have been a ShoreTel customer for about 6 years now, and I have never had any issues with them, or their products. So, in turn, I really like ShoreTel, and after reading the posts today, I remember why. Did any of you see the Engineer from ShoreTel responding to the guy at the law firm who is having issues, did you see that he offered to try to find a resolution for him? That is the service that every customer wants to see, and there he is offering it out. How many other companies out there do that?

    My other comment of today is about the guy who posted all of the negative stuff about ShoreTel. Like I stated above, we have been a customer for 6 years. When we started out, we could only use analog phones, on those pretty baby blue switches.... Man, those were the days... but anyways, over those six years, ALOT has changed, and it has all been for the better. Like he said, ten years old... Where were the other companies when they were ten years old? Did they advance as quickly as ShoreTel has? I doubt it. Four years ago I was appointed a new boss. He wanted to set the standard to all new phone systems, even though I was all ready installing ShoreTel.... We spent over a year researching and looking into all of the other systems and companies. In the end, we chose ShoreTel, and it was for many reasons. Today, I have over 500 phones spread out over 14 locations, and we are only half way through the sites.

    ShoreTel is a wonderful product that we have enjoyed. I would never go back and choose a different system. I do not know what it is like going through a reseller or Partner as they are called, so please, if you have issues with them, I am sorry. We deal directly with Shoretel, and only once did I ever have an issue with a tech. I made my voice heard at ShoreTel, and I have not heard from that guy since. They have always bent over backwards for us, and I commend them for that. If I had the chance to change any one thing about Shoretel, I would only want to make the software more stable when it is released. I do not like having to read through the known issues pages to see if the next release will work for me or not. with that said, I am going to try my hardest to help out with that as we will become a beta site soon, and I hope to help them in fixing any issues that I can.

    Overall, thank you ShoreTel!