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  • Duplicate IP on Phone

    Just ran into this issue. Customer installed two new Dell servers on his network, both with dual Broadcom NICs. He configured the NICs for teaming and his phones starting showing "duplicate IP adress" on the phone. They worked ok, but the error would come up and go away periodically. I telnetted to the phone and it showed the MAC addresses of the new servers as the duplicate IP (even though the IP address was not the same as the phone). The customer disabled teaming on the NICs, rebooted the phone and the problem went away. I found an article that talks about teaming in a Polycom environment but we didn't try it on the customer's network. They just decided to ditch the teaming altogether. At this point, I don't know if the teaming was the issue or the Broadcom NIC's. Here is the article

    Polycom Strange Duplicate IP Issue | trixbox

    Has anyone else ran across this?

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    I am having the same problem with Broadcom NIC cards. My site contacting is contacting Broadcom to see if we can correct the issue. When i find something out I will let you know